Life is like Media Buying


You are getting set and ready to go live..But wait a minute..Did you use all the targeting capabilities from the beginning? Of course not! You come to the world with the most basic targeting possible and ready for the traffic to come in..

You don’t know who you shall address and test different ways of expressing yourself and reach your target audience..Sometimes being native doesn’t mean necessarily that you belong to the place you are born.. Sometimes putting on a show is not enough and engaging.. Setting your best smile might not be catchy for many..

So you test and test and test..

You start learning your best format and who is your friend and who not, what clicks you the most and what brings you results. You grew up and got more selective, chose extra targeting criteria and created a blacklist in your life. And then you went re-targeting, created your white-list and stuck with your friends who you care the most and bring value to your life. Then friends come and go, so you have to keep a piece of your circle open for the new. And you keep on growing and keep on reinventing yourself, the value is the highest and then ..

You leave your caps open and fake friends come in and mess up with your value..your brand image is almost ruined..

But you raise above, engage third party help to protect you from the bad traffic and you update and update, and change your reputation and develop new optimization models. You know by now the highest approach to your life’s analytics and more experience builds you stronger and more valuable to the real world.

You are wise and well experienced by now..

Your campaign is set on indefinite time! Passing valuable learning to others to develop new better models..You brought yourself and others new qualities the world did not know before..

Do you optimize your life?

How do you optimize your ad campaigns?


Author: Celia